As your loved one progresses from successfully living alone to needing more help and supervision, their reliance on you and family members can gradually become overwhelming. If your senior needs more social interaction and general care, assisted living has much to offer.

However, there’s a lot to learn before making the move. What is assisted living? What type of long-term care facility does my mother or father need? How can I help them make the transition? Read on to learn more about what assisted living is and what you can expect from a quality long-term care facility.

What Is Assisted Living?

Simply put, an assisted living facility delivers various “stages” of care over the long term. It is designed to promote independence while delivering the exact type of care each resident needs. These services can include housing, personal care, and medical care.

Long-Term Care Services

Help your loved one choose an assisted living facility that meets their needs. Some of the services a long-term care provider may offer include the following.

Daily Life

If your loved one requires assistance with daily living activities, the assisted living community can help with tasks like housekeeping, showering, daily hygiene and meals. In this way, residents can maintain as much independence as they can, while getting help in critical areas as they age.

Faith and Fellowship

If your senior is seeking fellowship and a faith-based community, look for an assisted living community that holds various types of services and supports your specific denomination. Many long-term care facilities hold morning, afternoon and evening gatherings, as well as Sunday services. Your loved one will surely enjoy the fellowship opportunities of living and worshipping with like-minded people of faith.

Health and Wellness

Assisted living communities will also offer activities to promote optimal health and wellness for your loved one. Swimming classes, rehabilitation options, and exercise classes such as chair yoga or range of motion classes should be part of residents’ daily options.


One of the perks of living in a long-term care facility is the ability to make friends and avoid the loneliness of living alone. Most communities offer a full calendar of events, such as musical performances, games and clubs, woodworking, and other entertainment. Your loved one will never be lonely with a full array of social and recreational events from which to choose.


Your loved-one will enjoy a beautiful apartment or single room in an assisted living facility, but there should also be plenty of opportunities to get outside and enjoy nature, too. Look for buildings that have beautiful architecture, breathtaking views of the outdoors, and other features such as an aviary, outdoor seating and walking paths.

Medical Care – When It’s Needed

Your senior’s community should offer compassionate and professional healthcare for your loved one. These services should be customized to the resident’s stage of life and unique needs, ensuring that no matter their stage of aging, they’ll receive the appropriate level of care. This is especially true as your loved one’s medication’s become more complex or they require close monitoring.

Making the Switch to Assisted Living

Give yourself and your loved one peace of mind by investigating assisted living options within your community. Explore all of their services and amenities before making a choice, and be sure to include your senior in the decision-making process.

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