There is more hope today than ever when it comes to caring for your loved one who suffers from dementia or Alzheimer’s. Experts have a better understanding about the brain based on studies, and their knowledge has led to new developments in memory care. While no cure exists yet, there is one method that can reverse some cognitive impairments.

SAIDO Learning® is a type of therapeutic program designed to slow the progression of Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia, and, in many cases, return the learner to previous levels of capability.

Why SAIDO Learning® Matters

Someone who struggles from Alzheimer’s or other types of dementia may mask their cognitive impairment in ways that further advance their condition. They may exhibit behaviors designed to push away their loved ones to hide their condition or remove themselves from daily activities of life to isolate to avoid revealing they are struggling. However, without regular stimulation, their brain functions can further deteriorate. Before they travel too far down this path, SAIDO Learning® Program intervenes. Like an outstretched hand, SAIDO Supporters help guide Learners back to engaging in life again.

How Does SAIDO Learning® Cognitive Therapy work?

Instructors, SAIDO Supporters, are trained in SAIDO and equipped to offer SAIDO Learning®. Well-trained staff conducts daily sessions with one to two adult Learners. Sessions consist of cognitive exercises based on math and reading to trigger more active brain functions. There is a social aspect between the staff and Learners in the sessions that also stimulates the brain. The repeated successful exercises and stimulating social connections foster confidence with impactful results.

What To Expect From SAIDO Learning®

The effects of SAIDO improve the Learners’ engagement with life. By attending SAIDO Learning® therapy, Learners establish a stronger connection to their surroundings and sustain their functioning so that they often regain much of their former capabilities. They have a greater ability to interact with others and stay active. From SAIDO therapeutic learning sessions, participants gain a better quality of life. SAIDO offers hope.

Where To Find SAIDO Learning® Cognitive Therapy

You don’t have to look too far to find SAIDO Learning® cognitive therapy for your loved one. Good Shepherd Home offers SAIDO Learning® on-site for our residents as well as any in the region who qualify. As one of the few memory care centers in the United States to offer SAIDO programs, we feel blessed to provide for those who need memory care and for their loved ones who need support. Through our day and residential programs, we offer innovative memory care so that you and your loved one can spend more meaningful time together.

Don’t hesitate to schedule and complete diagnostic evaluations for SAIDO Learning® cognitive therapy so you and your loved one can start to enjoy a better quality of life today from our memory care residential and day SAIDO Learning® program.

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