When you become a Registered Nurse or licensed for other social service work, chances are you’re looking to make a difference through your career. At Good Shepherd Home, employees are more than a number printed on their paycheck but also a member of a team and a significant part of the residents’ lives. 

Why Caring Matters

With over 40 years of experience, Crystal Macias, from Human Resources at Good Shepherd Home, understands the importance of an uplifting environment for employees. 

“Working in a life care facility is like no other job,” she said “No two days are alike. You have an opportunity every day to bring joy to a resident’s day.”

Good Shepherd employees provide services to a vulnerable population who benefit from loads of compassion and love, so an environment rich in both is important. Positive attitudes create an uplifting workplace that residents call home. 

Why Work At Good Shepherd Home

Faith, compassion, creativity, integrity, stewardship, and excellence are some of the key values at Good Shepherd that lay the foundation for an optimistic environment.

If you find you share these values alongside an array of customer service skills, innovation, and a positive attitude, Good Shepherd is the perfect place to advance your career. 

In addition, “Good Shepherd Home offers continuing education assistance for various professions with opportunities to be promoted from within,” Macias said. So you can continue to build your professional and personal skills in a career you love.

What Else Can I Expect?

Good Shepherd Home values all employees and feels they should be shown appreciation. From little comforts like meals and snacks available during shifts to covering bigger needs like health and medical insurance,  employees receive a comprehensive benefits package. 

Who Should Call Good Shepherd Home

The variety of positions available at Good Shepherd Home means opportunities exist for a wide range of skills. Some roles require Licensure for specific professional Nursing and Social Services positions, but there are other positions that offer on-the-job training to perform the role rather than certifications. If there are skills that match a role and someone shares the same values as Good Shepherd Home, then it is time to apply!

Learn about our open positions and find a career that’s right for you with Good Shepherd Home. 

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