Two years ago, GSH entered into a partnership with Ohio Living Hospice, and today, their combined presence has grown to become a local resource for anyone experiencing the journey of going through the final stages of life. The partnership has allowed a greater quality of life to residents and community members who want to be comfortable at home for hospice or palliative care in a way that did not exist before.

Home For Good

Before, residents may have had to leave for care, but now there is a choice to stay. The ability to choose allows our residents to feel a sense of dignity and respect for their wishes, and it allows the Good Shepherd families to feel comfort in the knowledge that their loved one can still receive care. Ohio Living Hospice lets residents stay home at Good Shepherd for as long as possible.

Achieving Wishes

Another piece of the partnership is the wealth of support that Ohio Living Hospice brings to patients who receive their care. From supporting family members through bereavement services to expanding on a patient’s last wishes with their Make It Happen program, the Good Shepherd Home residents benefit from the expertise that Ohio Living Hospice brings to reduce suffering and focus on support and quality of life. For families wishing the best for their loved ones to a patient wishing they could fish again, the partnership with Ohio Living Hospice has given the Good Shepherd Home a way to grant these wishes.

Extended Care

The local site for Ohio Living Hospice and the services provided at Good Shepherd home have benefited the local community. Together, they work to achieve a better quality of life for anyone who needs their services. They offer programs that reach out to the community and bring care to those in need wherever they call home. The caregivers and nurses are consistent and build relationships so that everyone who relies on them receives services. From the partnership, there is more accessibility to the types of services that allow residents and patients to feel better.

Combining Forces Strengthens Community

Together, Good Shepherd Home and Ohio Living Hospice have established a way for not only residents to receive hospice and palliative care, but for community members and their families to find peace during a difficult stage of life. After two years, the partnership has become an important resource for the community. The efforts of these organizations who have combined forces makes it possible for those who need palliative or hospice care and for those who love them to receive grace, dignity, and choices in a way that didn’t exist before.

Learn more about the Ohio Living Hospice services and other programs available at Good Shepherd Home today.

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