Assistant Culinary Director

Fostoria, OH 44830

Assistant Culinary Director

· Manage all areas of dining operations

o Responsible for Purchasing All Product

o Oversee chart data entry

o Ensure staff is following health code

o Ensure staff is giving residents proper dietary needs

o Taste all food and correct as needed

o Oversee staff fulfilling daily duties prior to shift ending

o Maintain Good Shepherd Home work ethic

o Assist staff where needed and improve production rate

· Maintain quality of food

o Promote cooking more from scratch (while being conscientious of labor), tasting before serving, maintaining proper temperatures, offering more/ better variety, and enhancing presentations

o Ensure recipes are being followed and adjusted if needed

· Improve kitchen(s) cleanliness & organization

o Promptly delegate and assist with putting truck deliveries away

o Oversee cleaning tasks/charts

· Lead by example

o Keep a calm, collective, and positive environment

o Put the resident(s) first.

Pay Commensurate with Experience

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