Dale “Reid” Nye has lived at Good Shepherd Home since October 2018, when his wife needed more care than what could be provided at home. The two of them moved into the nursing wing to be together. Dale moved into Brethren Court Assisted Living in April 2020.

Dale’s granddaughter works at Good Shepherd Home and he has always heard the place is the best in the area, which made the decision to choose Good Shepherd an easy one. Assisted living provides Dale with all of the support he needs while encouraging him to live as independently as he wants. There’s no picking favorite activities or amenities—he appreciates it all. 

Everything is available to him at Good Shepherd. The warm and welcoming housekeeping and maintenance staff make sure his private residence is clean and tidy, the laundry is done, and all utilities and facilities are maintained, inside and out. Nurses are on-site 24 hours a day if he ever needs any help with anything. He also doesn’t have to worry about meals because Good Shepherd provides three home cooked, menu-style meals a day. Dale enjoys the beautiful outdoor area surrounding Good Shepherd as well, and the staff plans great programming, exercise opportunities, and musical entertainment to keep everyone engaged and active. 

Good Shepherd meets all his expectations for care.

Beyond the facilities and services, it’s the people—both employees and residents—that make Good Shepherd such a great place to live. He says he’s made a lot of good friends here and enjoys talking with the staff.

“It’s not home, but it’s the second best thing,” Mr. Nye says. He is more at ease with himself here and doesn’t have to worry about the responsibilities he had before—Good Shepherd Home takes care of all of it!

Our assisted living services are designed to be flexible and allow you to pay for only the services you want or need. If you’d like to experience the hospitality and friendliness of Good Shepherd, learn more about joining the Good Shepherd family.

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