Few parts of life have remained untouched by COVID, including senior living. Many seniors and their loved ones have understandable concerns, from the spread of COVID itself to the inability to have in-person visits. As a result, families are facing difficult living situations in which they don’t have the facilities and experience their loved ones need to thrive. In turn, some seniors carry the anxiety of feeling that they are a burden on their families. 

In the midst of these concerns, however, there are many compelling reasons to consider choosing senior living now. You are not stuck but have the opportunity to move forward with a plan that is both safe and enriching for you or your loved one.  


Contrary to what you may have heard on the news, moving to an assisted living facility may be one of the safest choices during COVID-19. Consider the fact that senior living communities have put strict safety measures in place, including screening employees and guests, providing proper protective wear to team members, and enacting social distancing and other safety protocols. While residents are able to shelter in place without contact with the outside community, those living alone or with family may become exposed to others by leaving home for essentials or receiving supplies delivered to the home. Also, with multiple staff members available, residents will never experience an interruption in care, even if someone does get sick. 


Visits from loved ones are an important part of life for a senior living resident. At the start of COVID, images of family members speaking to residents through windows became an important symbol both of the virus’s challenges and its inability to truly separate people from those they love. Staff members at assisted living facilities around the world have helped residents speak to family members through Zoom, FaceTime, and other technological means.

The good news is that here in Ohio,  visitation guidelines are beginning to relax. While there are still limitations in place, as of this writing, indoor visits of up to 20 minutes are allowed a few times per week. As always, staff make sure proper distancing and mask-wearing protocols are followed.  

Peace of Mind 

Many families have been putting off the decision to transition their loved ones to residential care because of COVID concerns. However, as a senior’s condition continues to decline over the months, it can become more difficult to care for them at home. In fact, seniors with underlying health conditions are at greater risk during the pandemic. An environment that provides around-the-clock, professional care for body, mind, and spirit can provide the peace of mind that your loved one is getting the best care possible and living life to the fullest.

The peace of mind also extends to the seniors themselves, who no longer have to feel concerned that they are placing undue stress on their family members. They know they are in good hands, and the relief they feel contributes to their overall well-being. 

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