Holidays brighten the darker days of winter, and we like to celebrate the season with as much cheer as possible. When we come together as a community, we touch each others’ lives with joy and no one gets left out.  Whether it’s socializing over a game or bringing a special card to just one person, there are many ways to enjoy the holiday season together in assisted living.

Spreading Joy

An easy way to gather everyone together is a project, and this time of year, we all love the mail! Instead of getting the usual bills or ads, make sure everyone gets a holiday greeting by creating cards as a group activity. Collecting simple supplies like card stock paper cut in half and then adding fun decorations like glitter, stickers, or pre-cut holiday shapes makes assembly easy. From a simple page coated with glittering white sparkles to resemble a winter scape to a tree-shaped cutout sprinkled with stick-on dots or other ornament shapes, it doesn’t take much to build an assortment of cheery postcards. Once the group has finished creating, spread the joy! Draw names to create a secret Santa mail for each participant or choose one person to deliver for all.

Flocking Together

It’s easy to feel alone when the days are darker and we have more time to ourselves, and it’s important to find ways to connect. In assisted living, we share the same space, so it makes it much easier to come together. Creating theme nights like ‘dinner in pajamas’ or ‘everyone wears red’ instantly builds camaraderie; it’s hard to feel alone when everyone’s twinning at the table! It can be something as grand as an all-group social event like a white elephant game or as simple as a bring-your-own pillow for a movie night. As long as everyone can get involved and feel a sense of connection, then it’s a successful holiday activity.

Night Lights

A beautiful way to celebrate the season is with candlelight. The sweet glow of candles, gentle LEDs or live flames if it’s safe, lifts spirits and makes the nights feel more special. Add holiday candlelight to common areas and individual rooms for all to enjoy. Candles soothe the mood and stir warm feelings, reminding us that even though it’s winter outside, we are snug and cozy indoors. Also, it would be a good group activity to create and decorate candle holders for everyone’s room, and the variety of LED candles from tea lights to giant size pillars make them easy to distribute or use in arrangements.

Wonderful Time Of Year

It really is the most wonderful time of year if you make it one. We’re all here and ready to celebrate the holidays, so let’s be creative and have fun. Let’s experience the best part of assisted living—a community of neighbors who can make the holidays merry and bright together.

Learn more about the community spirit found at Good Shepherd Home. Our loving environment makes assisted living at Good Shepherd a place of merriment, warmth, and joy not only during the holidays but for every season.

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